28-12 t/m 29-01 Reimund Belling, Streetsounds

Vrij werk

The photographer from Oldenburg works on citystreets near and far. He’s not interested in dead monuments or ancient cathedrals at all, but in the noise or the tranquility of real life. His pictures show everyday people in their enviroment, obscure scenes, freaks, funny folks and sad moments. All taken within a short blink of an eye, but all with story.Lichtzone shows 40 Pictures from the ongoing project. Reimund Belling works only with analog cameras. All pictures are printed in his darkroom on classical barytpaper. His book Streetsounds Volume one – Analoge Straßen­fotografie 1982-2019 will be available in the galerie. 120 pages 30 x 30 with 110 bw-photos, €32.